Puro Fairtrade Coffee strives for a healthy balance between the P’s of Sustainable Business.

People – Fair trade coffee

When commodity prices fall it has dramatic flow on effect to the people and their communities.
Typically it is the worker that suffers most. It can have a catastrophic impact on the lives of millions of small scale producers, forcing many into crippling debt and thousands others to lose their land, homes and destroy their quality of lives. Many of the farmers are making actually losses on their crops as they are forced to sell at drastically low prices. There’s the quality issue to look at as well. In the medium term it can have a marked negative effect on the environment of how the beans are grown, the standard of the goods – and the care that they are produced with.
The result of this market madness? (Temporarily) lower prices but at a heavy social cost. There is also often a decline in the overall standard of coffee beans produced and a lingeringly bitter aftertaste for the world coffee community. With this trend continuing the long term future of coffee growing, producing and consuming would be grim indeed. That’s where Fair Trade coffee is an essential part of the long term sustenance of our industry and welfare of its’ people.

Puro Fairtrade coffee is grown by small farmers or plantation workers, who are meticulous about their business and pick their crop with great care. They have often grown up knowing nothing else but coffee, with their forefathers teaching them the tricks and trades of the industry so they have become agricultural masters. They talk passionate about their beans, their way of life, and their families. Their passion and care can be tasted in every cup of Puro.

Planet – Saving the rainforest

Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth’s land surface but now they cover a mere 6%. Experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years. Within the next quarter of a century, nearly half of the world’s species of plants and animals could be destroyed or severely threatened due to rainforest deforestation.

We are losing a treasure chest of species important to everything from their cultural value to their genetic resources and their medicinal properties. Forest loss is contributing to global warming, local drought/flood cycles, erosion and the further impoverishment of places of natural beauty.

At Puro we see no sense in industry growth at the expense of community and the welfare of our planet. We aim to assist in every small way in halting the deforestation of our planet and are proud to have teamed up with the World Land trust to assist in making it an economic reality. Helping local people improve living conditions without compromising their natural resources is vital. The World Land Trust conserves biodiversity by protecting threatened habitats and, in cooperation with local partners and communities, helps to ensure that they are managed sustainably.

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