It goes without reason that a delicious cup of coffee should be accompanied with a little ‘extra’.
All our coffee brands have their own range of china and disposables as well as ancillaries to complement the coffee. For all these products, as for our coffees, the same high quality standards are applied.
* milk cups, sugar (sticks, sachets, cubes)

* biscuits, speculoos, chocolates, muffins …

* disposables: vending cups and disposable cups, paper cups, lids, plates, cup holders, cutlery, etc. in various shapes and dimensions.

* crockery: a range of design espresso cups, mugs and saucers, in various shapes and sizes.

* hot drinks like tea, hot chocolate and soup

* vending products: Miko quality coffees (beans and ground), top quality Miko freeze dried coffees, sugar, topping, instant tea, hot chocolate and a range of instant soups from global operating renowned manufacturers.