Looking for a partner to roast your own Private Label coffee? A fresh roasted quality coffee with your own label for the out-of-home market? Selling coffee under your own brand’s name enhances your identity and sets you apart from the competition. Miko Coffee has all the experience to help you develop your Private Label project.

Our skilled baristas and coffee roasters share their knowledge with you to select the green coffee beans, blend and roast them. Premium washed arabica’s, selected top quality Robusta beans, fair trade coffee, single origin or single blend coffee… the choice is yours!

Our in house design department can assist creating a attractive look & feel for your Private Label and design the label and packaging.

We use the latest technologies and state of the art infrastructure.
Our roaster and packaging lines are BRC certified.

Together we create the quality you have in mind for your PL coffee project. Please contact us for further information.