Puro is a fairtrade coffee certified by the Fairtrade Organisation. By drinking Puro Coffee you ensure that fair prices are paid to small coffee farmers and their plantation workers, from whom we purchase our coffee beans. To raise their living and working conditions.

Whilst enjoying Puro Coffee we actively assist in halting the brutal deforestation of our Planet as Puro has teamed up with the World Land trust, who purchase and protect rain forests – the lungs of the Earth -and home of many animals. In Malaysia we started to buy Rainforest in the State of Sabah.

The coffee blends that Puro offers are made from the best high quality beans and put together by a group of people that has more than 30 years experience.
Still, apart from looking after the coffee farmers and protecting rain forest which gives great pleasure in many people’s heart, Puro Coffee is active in supporting sustainable projects.

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