Trusted equipment from the world’s best manufacturers see our coffees enjoyed in all manner of environments, from chic, upmarket, city bars to cosy, comfy village cafes. Whatever the type of coffee bar you run, we can provide delicious coffees, teas and mouth-watering hot chocolates, elegant, reliable machines and an array of added pleasures like branded crockery, wafers and biscuits. We cater for clients with multiple high street sites, in need of a consistent blend across all sites all year. At the same time, we can accommodate clients seeking hand roasted seasonal blends.

With our finger permanently on the pulse of what makes the coffee world go round, we can help you bring to life all the latest ideas and techniques, like the slow drip coffee method. It’s a slower process than espresso, but it produces a crisper coffee and helps elicit all the sumptuous flavours hidden in the beans. We can supply the necessary equipment, like the Aeropress and Hario Mill, and our barista training programmes will make you and your staff experts in no time.

Your business’ need for coffee will be met by our flexibility to produce it by the tonne or in small batches. Small batch roasting is a time-honoured artisan method, which uses much smaller machines and less than 10kg of beans per roast, to ensure the utmost freshness and an even more refined taste.