The cocoa used to make our Luxury Fairtrade Hot Chocolate is grown under the canopy of tall trees native to the Dominican Republic. The creation of this rich and creamy product is a team effort, produced by a co-operative made up of 10,000 small Dominican Republic based cocoa farmers who have come together through their love for chocolate.

Alongside our Fairtrade brown and white sugar sticks and packs, we also have a range of biscuits, milk options, vending machine ingredients and many more.

Our Fairtrade Premium Tea comes from Kenya and Malawi, two of Africa’s finest tea growing countries. This colourful tea packed full of flavours is produced by a co-operative made up of more than 8,000 smallholder tea farmers. The premium price they receive for their harvest helps to fund a number of social projects for the neighbouring communities.

The Puro Fairtrade fruit tea collection includes green tea, rooibos, mint, earl grey, lemon, forest fruits, rosehip and strawberry.