In December of last year, Miko Coffee moved from its old home in Hersham to a brand new and much bigger office in Chertsey. Now we pride ourselves in a larger, better showroom, packed with a dozen shimmering stainless steel coffee machines, larger training areas and the new office’s pièce de résistance – two lush living walls lined with coffee plants. They are in their infancy at the moment, but we are excited to watch them grow.

“The motive for moving was to improve the customer experience,” said Adrian Stagg, managing director for Miko Coffee. “Our previous office was dilapidated, the showroom limited, with only a couple of working machines. The new office is much more modern.”

At our previous office, our warehouse was on the same site, which took up space. Now the warehousing has been moved to the north, so that our Chertsey office can focus principally on the customer. We have the luxury of space, which means all training can be done on site in a fit-for-purpose area. It means we can welcome more customers to the facility. It is also a much better, more productive environment for our staff. But we are not done yet; an even larger training area on our ground floor is in the works, and more fine-looking coffee machines are to be added to our already handsome inventory.

The living walls of coffee plants – with their integrated water delivery systems – emphasise the Puro brand. They are a touch of the rainforest at our fingertips to remind us why we’re in this business.