Ugandan Coffee farmers are being advised to embrace the new research and technology by World Coffee Research.

By investing time and money into irrigation systems and new farming techniques, it should help independent coffee farmers improve their yield and production. The irrigation systems will help with unpredictable drought seasons and therefore improve their yield. Countries such as Vietnam, who have only recently started growing coffee, are already outpacing Uganda due to using new farming techniques and technology. This shows the importance of embracing these new techniques.

Ugandan coffee farmers are also being urged to grow coffee that is enticing for the market, which should also increase their popularity. Then reinvest the earnings they make into making more efficient coffee farms. Some farms in Uganda aren’t looked after properly and haven’t been updated in over 10 years, according to reports. World Coffee Research have been quoted “If you don’t look after your coffee plants, how do you expect them to create good yields?”.

It is clear to see that Uganda needs to update their farming techniques to keep up with the ever growing coffee market.