If you’re looking to roast your own coffee from home then we’ve got the perfect app for you…

A new free roasting app called the “Roast Buddy” is here to help you roast your own coffee at home. The app teaches you how to specifically roast coffee beans, record your roast details and evaluate your previous roasts.

A home roaster named Ben McMahen created the app to help home roasters who have very little guidance in the way of creating the perfect coffee. It appears as if this app would be useful to those who have had some experience or have gained knowledge of coffee roasting, however if you have no experience of roasting then you may have to do some research before trying it for yourself.

Ben has said that if the app does gain some traction then the app will be constantly updated and will integrate services such as green bean ordering, taste testing and also more help for beginners in the art of roasting.

Better get out and start roasting!