Until recently, if you wanted a decent cup of coffee at home you’d typically find two options: an espresso machine or a french press.

Whilst neither of these are bad options, there are now several more for you to experiment with. Each brewing method is unique—and produces a slightly different result. Here are three of our favourite methods for you to experiment with:

1. Aeropress

If you’re into coffee, you’ve probably already heard of the Aeropress—but what’s all the fuss about?

Plenty of people will tell you it’s the best cup of coffee they’ve ever tasted, and we’re inclined to agree. It’s pretty good. The resulting coffee will be aromatic—smooth, but with plenty of flavour.

The best bit? It’s one of the fastest brewing methods—you can make the perfect brew in a couple of minutes.

2. Chemex

The Chemex brewer looks like it belongs in a science lab and—as far as coffee science goes—with a little experimentation it can give you the perfect cup of coffee.

It uses the drip method of brewing coffee, for a fast and efficient way to get your morning brew, with minimal mess.

The resulting brew will be similar to the Aeropress, once you’ve figured out how to use it. You’ll need to play around a little to start with to find the right amount of coffee and texture of the grind. For this reason, it’s not as easy to use as the Aeropress—but it makes an outstanding cup of coffee once you’ve got the technique down.

3. Cold Brew

Another trend anyone with an interest in coffee has surely heard of is cold brew coffee.

To make cold brew coffee, you need to drip cold water over your coffee and let it steep. This is a slow process, and you’ll need to do it over an extended time period to get the best results.

And we’re not talking minutes.

The process can take anywhere between 10 and 24 hours—with some going for even longer.

Is it worth it? We think so.

The flavour is unlike anything you’ll get with another brewing method. You get all the aroma and richness but without any of the bitterness. Give it a try and see what you think!