Before the cup, roasting is the most important stage in coffee production, and can be the make or break of a good cup of coffee. Roasting is when the hard work of the coffee farmer is celebrated. The farmer grows it, harvests it and ships it. To afford their coffee any less than the utmost respect at the roasting stage would be a tragedy.

That is why Miko Coffee operates a relentlessly strict and meticulous roasting process. We strive to make sure that the hard work of our farmers is never in vain. Weight, moisture, crop and aroma are checked rigorously at the initial stages. Colour, weight and leakage are checked every 30 minutes during the production run. Extraction time and grinding size – which if handled incorrectly, can produce a very poor coffee – are scrupulously controlled. At Miko Coffee, we make no sacrifices, cut no corners and take no easy routes where the quality of our coffee is concerned.

Yet where we are rigid in our concern for quality, we are flexible in our output. We are specialists in roasting coffee by the tonne and in small batches. Small batch roasting is a time-honoured artisan method, which uses much smaller machines and less than 10kg of beans per roast, to ensure the utmost freshness and an even more refined taste.