Puro have a new exciting project to announce…
We will now be sponsoring the purchase of locally manufactured drying installations for harvested coffee beans in the Bikoro region of Congo!

This project carries on from others that have been undertaken by Puro in the past, including:

  • 2 warehouses, burlap sacks and yarn to close the burlap sacks (2014).
  • Financing an educational programme (infrastructure and teaching materials) (2012-2013).
  • Purchase of 25 coffee carts to improve transportation of harvested and processed coffee, construction of a 10 hectare coffee plantation with disease resistant coffee plants (2011).
  • Purchase of 2 coffee processing machines, a pulper and a huller, to improve quality of the harvested coffee (2009-2010).

The Bikoro region used to be known for its coffee and cocoa plantations. But, out of pure necessity, in recent decades the population focused on growing crops for their daily nourishment.

The new project intends to rekindle the growing of sustainable but commercial crops like coffee, cocoa and palm oil.

The new coffee plantations will be planted with disease resistant Robusta plants, and one of the aims is to obtain both a Fairtrade and an Organic certification.

A side initiative will be to enlarge the cultivation of fish in the many small lakes in the region, so that the local population can eat more protein rich food throughout the year.

A big logistical advantage for the region is that the local lakes offer direct access to the Congo river. As a result, farmers can get their commercial crops more easily transported to the existing coffee consumer market in the capital Kinshasa and also to export countries.

By you using Puro Coffee in your café’s, restaurants, shops etc. you are helping make the world a better place by supporting projects such as these. So be sure to keep it Puro and carry on watching the amazing things we do with your generosity.