What do you get the coffee lover who has everything? That’s the question we’re going to answer today. Of course, actual coffee always goes down a treat, especially when it’s adorned with beautiful artwork like our Freehand and Hand Roasted in Cornwall coffees. Beyond that, there’s a whole world of bean-inspired treats to get the pulse of your caffeine lover racing.

Coffee bean jewellery

The simple beauty of a coffee bean is pure, understated joy. Some jewellers have taken that as their inspiration, creating sterling silver necklaces celebrating this natural masterpiece.

Reusable straws

Iced coffee lovers don’t need to worry that their habit is costing the earth. Get them a pack of reusable straws from The Friendly Panda in bamboo, crafted to withstand regular use and cleaning. A gift that keeps on giving, and is kind to the planet too.

A coffee table book- About coffee

When someone has tasted every coffee type and thinks they know all there is to know, surprise them with a book that has coffee facts in they could only imagine. How The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffman, explaining everything from beans to brewing coffee.

A stylish travel mug

We’d all love to savour our coffee every morning, but the truth is many of us are in a rush, either to get to work or drop the kids off (or both). Help your coffee fan out with a stylish and durable travel mug that matches their personality and keeps their coffee fresh and warm and our favourites have to be our own bamboo reusable range of cups especially our Freehand cup.

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