1. PURO fairtrade coffee carries the CO2offee mark which means we have reduced our carbon footprint across the entire coffee production process to a minimum.  Any excess carbon is offset in areas of rainforest recognised to be Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, known as REDD++ projects.  
  2. Though our work in supporting the Trees4Schools project in South Africa, PURO has helped fund the planting of 2526 trees, plus the creation of 157 vegetable gardens which has enabled 1500 people to be fed.
  3. On launching the PURO brand fifteen years ago, Miko wanted to set a good example and therefore installed solar panels in the roof of the roastery to create green energy and today the heat generated by the roasting process is used to heat Miko’s offices.  Change certainly does start at home!
  4. PURO Fino is a medium roast Arabica coffee from Central and South America whilst PURO Organic Dark is full bodied and slow roasted coffee, with intense, strong flavours – try it if you dare!
  5.  Through our partnership with the World Land Trust, profits from the sale of every bag of PURO coffee is ploughed back into protecting the specific environment where the coffee was grown in the first place.   So far PURO has saved 70,133 acres of tropical rainforest in 12 PURO reserves in 8 coffee producing countries.
  6. A commitment to offsetting PURO CO2 has so far helped to save 1236 acres of the Annamite Lowland Rainforest, one of the most threatened wild habitats in Vietnam.
  7. Customers can enhance their skills and learn how to brew and serve PURO coffees, teas and chocolates to a professional barista standard by attending one of our PURO training courses.  These are held at a PURO training centre of which there are four across the UK.
  8. Miko launched the PURO brand in 2005 along with a commitment to stop the exploitation of the third world; to ensure fair process for coffee growers and to help in saving the rainforests and its species in coffee producing countries.
  9. In addition to PURO coffees, we offer PURO luxury Fairtrade Hot Chocolate which is produced by a co-operative made up of 10,000 small cocoa farmers based in Dominican Republic.
  10. The PURO range includes PURO Companero, a 50/50 blend of Fairtrade and organic Robusta and Arabica beans offering a powerful and smooth cup with earthy, fruity and nutty notes.