Today we start the new weekly updated blog named “Meet the Team”! This will let you get to know a bit more about the people that work at Espresso Adesso and what their jobs involve.

To start us off we have been talking to Simon Speed-Andrews, who is titled as: Head of training and Product Development, including Roasting in the UK. We have asked Simon a number of questions related to his job and his personal opinion on some coffee related disputes.

What does your job involve? I am responsible for delivering training to provide knowledge and skills to our customers and Espresso Adesso employees with the help of my trusty team and ensure the customers have the most up to date techniques and are delivering a great cup of coffee. I also follow industry trends and ensure we are delivering in line with those, for example craft roasting in the UK. I also help develop new products to meet those demands. This year I have setup the roastery in Cornwall and I am currently training the art of roasting whilst roasting myself and developing the Freehand and Hand Roasted in Cornwall range of speciality coffee.


How do you take your coffee? – Specialty filter coffee, no question


Favourite Coffee blend and why? – Freehand (All) as I get to taste some amazing coffees


What you love most about coffee? – It is all encompassing and provides pleasure for millions


Top barista tip? – Keep it clean and work hard and keep striving to create the best cup of coffee you can


Biggest pet hate in the coffee industry? – Not doing the above!

Well there you have it! Just a small insight into the world of Espresso Adesso, hopefully you found this of interest and tune in for the weekly update next Monday!