Welcome to the second chapter of the weekly updated blog “Meet the Team”! Giving you further insight into the world of Espresso Adesso.

This week we have been talking to Andrew Meaden who is our Commerical Manager. We have asked Andrew some questions to give you a better idea of his job and his opinion on some topics related to the coffee industry.


What does your job involve?

The primary function of the department as a whole is ensuring that the sales team have everything they need to be able to acquire new business and maintain their existing accounts. We process all field-sales paperwork, produce and analyse their reports to spot trends in sales and catch issues before they become actual problems. My team also facilitates any new account openings; liaising with all relevant departments and the customer themselves, ensuring that the new client receives their coffee, equipment and training exactly when they need it.

For myself, I tend to work on any key accounts or operational projects which require a lot of back-office support. This will range from constructing proposals for potential National accounts, writing supply contracts and creating new internal procedures to increase efficiency.


How do you take your coffee?

Day to day, I stick with filter coffee but will tend to go for a flat white if there’s an espresso based drink going. To be honest, as long as the quality’s good, I’m happy to have whatever’s hot and handed to me!


Favourite Coffee blend and why?

The Miko Royal Dutch filter blend is often overlooked for the more exotic sounding coffees, but it’s a great easy-drinking blend and has got me through a few late nights in the office!


What do you love most about coffee?

The variety. Every blend is different and everyone has a different opinion on what makes a good coffee. This is the challenge with our customers – identifying a coffee that they love and that all their customers will enjoy too is an exciting process. Our range is broad enough to cater to everyone’s taste and expectations.


Top barista or coffee tip?

Keep your cups warm! All too often, coffee gets made straight into a freezing cold cup. By the time you get it, it’s luke-warm and by the time you get half way through it, it’s turned into an iced latte!


Biggest pet hate in the coffee industry?

Penny pinching at the expense of quality. The coffee itself is the cheapest part of each cup of coffee. For the price of an extra penny or two per cup, you can turn a bog-standard cup into something that people will keep coming back for.

If you missed the last update of the blog, we talked to Simon Speed-Andrews, who is our Head of training and Product Development (including roasting) in the UK, why don’t you take a look?

That’s it for this week, hope you enjoyed it and make sure to tune in for next weeks chapter of our Meet the Team blog.