Founded in 1997 by husband and wife team Marco and Claire Jaconelli, Espresso Adesso has found prominence and renown as a leading supplier of high-grade coffee in Scotland. Scottish and Italian values collide in exquisite harmony at Espresso Adesso thanks to Marco’s Italian heritage and familial credentials within the coffee industry; Marco previously owned a quaint Italian coffee bar and his grandfather imported one of the first espresso coffee machines in Scotland in 1956.

These influences make Espresso Adesso well-placed to offer genuine Italian coffee blends such as Portioli and Grand Milano, and top quality coffee machines from eminent Italian manufacturers Cimbali and Faema. The company has gone from strength to strength since inception, largely thanks to Marco and Claire’s dedication to bringing a distinctive coffee experience to every corner of Scotland.

In 2010, Espresso Adesso took a new direction and joined the Miko Coffee family. This innovation-led, trail-blazing company has been roasting and brewing coffee for more than two centuries. Now it is helping to expand and enhance Espresso Adesso’s already enviable reputation for providing great coffee, first-rate, reliable equipment and machine maintenance and all-round superb service.